Purple Hearts

by Arthur Archambeau
"I Laughed Until I CRIED. What An Amazing Story!"Everyone has a war story to tell.A jaded cop struggling to come to terms with her past falls for an idealistic former Marine-turned-cat rescuer on the crime-infested streets of West Baltimore.Hope Kennedy is a cynical Baltimore cop. Her beat is the Mondawmin area of West Baltimore—the most dangerous neighborhood in America's most dangerous city. And she's struggling—unsuccessfully—to overcome a terrible event that has come to shape her life. Hope's become angry and bitter. She's spiraling out of control. Hope has lost hope.Luke Matthews is a decorated Marine Corps combat veteran. He received the Purple Heart for a wound inflicted in Afghanistan. Now, he works as a carpenter for a nonprofit that builds homes for disabled vets. In his spare time, he volunteers with a local cat rescue. But Luke's battling his own demons. He's haunted by the war. Specifically, by a fog of war experience—a tragic accident—that has left him racked with guilt.When Hope and Luke meet in a dingy alley, it's anything but love at first sight. But a near-fatal accident a week later forges a bond. Eventually, in the middle of a cold Baltimore winter, a romance heats up. Little-by-little, Hope and Luke help one another feel alive again.But Hope doesn't know how to process her past, a past that is now jeopardizing her future. And as she and Luke get closer, she questions whether she's worthy of love.Can two wounded, badly bruised, purple hearts come together and help one another heal?Purple Hearts is not for the faint of heart. It's as gritty as the city it's set in. It's a slow burn, blue-collar romance about going the distance. And finding unconditional love at the end of the journey. It's a story about life and death, joy and sorrow, laughter and tears—and ultimately, hope. All wrapped in the love of two perfectly imperfect human beings.
Deal Available through November 24, 2021
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