Prodigy For Daddy (Please Me, Daddy Book 10)

by B.L. Brooks
I’ve been deemed a prodigy; I’m relatively young compared to others in my field but possess prior experience working with pro baseball teams. I’ve always had a passion for baseball so I got started early; what can I say?It’s the first day at my dream job and here I am, swooning over the very man that could jeopardize this position for me.Elliot Callos— the all-star pitcher for the Boston Bombers and my very idol since I was just a little girl, has been my biggest distraction of all time. And yet, here I am, working by his side as the Bombers’ new Athletic Trainer. I still need to pinch myself at times to believe this is all real and not just some common far-fetched dream of mine.But when I catch Elliot’s eyes grazing my body over on day one, I’m quick to realize my reality. I’m to the point now where I’m craving his bright blue eyes on me and only me.When Elliot calls me his little one, I feel a light go off inside me as his words feel so right. I never imagined Elliot would bring me to challenge my dream and cause my thoughts to vanish when he’s around. He’s a distraction, but a sweet one at that.I look into the eyes of my idol and see him as far more now... I want far more now. So, here I am, throwing my career on the line as a prodigy... for daddy.
Deal Available through March 25, 2021
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