Pretty Boy D

by Rachel Jonas
Dane Golden—Best friend. Temptation in football cleats. Roommate? I’m screwed. His followers don’t call him Pretty Boy D for nothing. The guy is, literally, God’s gift to women. I should know. I’ve watched chicks throw themselves at him since puberty. Sharing his loft should be simple, but we soon realize being "just friends" was so much easier when we weren’t sleeping under the same roof. Seven years of thinking we had this down to a science goes out the window the night Dane sees my “Never Have I Ever” list. Now, he’s on a mission to help me cross off the top four items. Some of which aren’t quite as innocent as he’d expect. My best friend wants to have his way with me and, right or wrong… I think I might let him.
Deal Available through July 11, 2021
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