Romantic Comedy

Prescription for a Lonely Heart

by Rosalie Jardin
“If we’re both still single when we’re thirty, we’ll marry each other . . .”The marriage pact was made during a lazy day at the beach, half in jest, and seemingly forgotten by the boy who started it.But ten years later, Kay hadn’t forgotten. She’s still shy and introverted, not interested in relationships. So when Adrian reappears in her life—two years early—and asks her to marry him now, she surprises herself by agreeing.So now she must deal with her mother’s disapproval, his brother’s hostility, and a load of self-doubt. Can she forge a real relationship with Adrian? Has he really changed from a ladies man to someone she can trust? Will she be able to let go of everything she’s ever thought she wanted and reach out to grab a new future?
Deal Available through September 25, 2020
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