Pawsitively Perfect (Romancing the Holidays)

by L. Austen Johnson
♥ A short, sweet romance novella filled with puns, dogs, and longing. ♥After a rough breakup and particularly difficult winter, veterinarian Leigh feels ready to engage in the outside world again. That is until her dog, Pogo, slips his leash in a park and invades a stranger’s picnic. It’s bad enough that Pogo ruins someone else’s meal, but it is doubly humiliating when it is that of a gorgeous ex-Marine named James and his very well trained former military dog, Bucky. Oh, and James just so happens to be the head of the non-profit that Leigh is expected to work with as a co-coordinator on an event benefiting his organization and her vet clinic. Ugh.Can Leigh get over her embarrassment and her fear of being hurt again to seize the reins—erm, leash—on love? Or do the two different types of “vets” just not mix at all?Every book in the Romancing the Holidays series can be read as a standalone.
Deal Available through April 03, 2021
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