by Stacy-Deanne
His dream became her nightmare.Stacy and her boyfriend Dawson join a community of travelers on a Caribbean island to start a new life, but Stacy soon realizes their paradise isn’t what it seems. Immediately something seems off with Vea, the community’s sexy leader, and Stacy begins hearing rumors about a Swiss man named Kilian who Vea’s banned from the group. Stacy shares her distrust of Vea with Dawson, but already under Vea’s spell, he brushes off Stacy’s concerns.Feeling alone, Stacy befriends Kilian and they fall in love while trying to find out what Vea is hiding.After finding out Vea’s secret, Stacy vows to make Vea pay for the horrible things she’s done, but Vea has plans for Stacy too and none of them involve keeping her alive.FREE IN KINDLE UNLIMITED!
Deal Available through February 13, 2022
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