Mystery & Suspense

One Wild Weekend With Spencer

by Lexi Hart
Her desert island fantasy is about to become sizzling reality…When my newly divorced cousin, Beth suggests we take a weekend break at a resort in Miami, I reluctantly agree to be her wing woman and her sober driver.After a night babysitting her at an exclusive nightclub, I’m beyond annoyed she decides to ditch me for being too much of a party pooper.Luckily, the gorgeous bartender’s shift is ending, so he takes pity on me and drops me back at the resort.And when he asks, I agree to spend the day on a private island with him.After a sizzling day in paradise, we’re all set to return when the engine seizes.Now I’m stranded with an incredibly sexy man I'm sure is lying just to get me to stay on the island.But after a hotter than hades weekend, I'm not not sure I even care.
Deal Available through November 06, 2020
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