NightFlyer: Tales of the Shadow Realm 1: A Tantalizing Futuristic Paranormal Pre-Dystopian Multi-Cultural Short Story Novella [Part 1]

by S. L. Darian
The Shadow Realm—danger, peril, crime, and intense gut-wrenching sensuality lurk within its secret mysterious boundaries. In the chaotic, pre-dystopic future of 2080, another kind of creature walks among us—neither vampire, demon, nor werewolf. They call these unusual, alien wing-shifting creatures, the Volucris.As the youngest member of the French TreBlanc family, the hot-headed and willful Marquis Vitton TreBlanc has a reputation for getting into one scrape after another for which his doting, powerful relatives always extricate him from. Some call him the NightFlyer, others call him a few ticked-off expletives.Privileged, extremely wealthy and arrogant, Marquis sneers disdainfully at the powers-that-be, knowing he will learn absolutely nothing, not one damn thing, from the current punishment meted out for his unjust misdeeds. The force of his reaction to his unusual sentence, though, is vengeful, riveting, and eventually something far more surprising and far more intensely seductive than he could have EVER imagined.Follow me into the ultra-intense, ultra-sensual, futuristic world of the Shadow Realm series…~The Intensity Never Sleeps~
Deal Available through March 23, 2023
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