Romantic Comedy

Nest or Invest

by Enni Amanda
All is fair in love and real estate, right?Single mum Shasa Daniels is heartbroken when she discovers her landlord is selling her rental home to Mac McCarthy, a hotshot developer known for replacing old villas with luxury condos. Determined to stop him, Shasa gathers her friends to outbid him and build community housing instead.Mac, the man in thousand-dollar shoes, isn’t as financially stable as he makes out. This deal promises to secure his future, until Shasa stands in his way.Each will do what it takes to succeed. He barges in on her community meeting. She crashes his improv group. But Shasa quickly finds out spying on a guy this hot is a lot like playing with fire. Can her newly discovered love of acting, and their on-stage chemistry, bridge the gap between their two worlds.
Deal Available through February 16, 2021
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