Native (Chosen Series Book Four)

by Stacy Jones
He was destined to die. Until she changed his fate. Atuk is doomed to die a slow death with his harem brothers, pining for the lost female he didn’t love and who had never wanted him. And then he meets her. Being named a healer gives Lily a place among the tribe and provides protection for herself, her mates—Frrar, Tor, Arruk, and Drrak—and the two shevari children they’ve adopted. But when she’s tasked with saving Atuk, her growing feelings for him threaten to undo all she and her mates have fought for. What she feels for him isn’t just reckless, it shouldn’t be possible. Males can’t mate twice..can they? When a stolen moment has sparks flying between them, it makes her question everything. How much is Lily willing to risk for the captivating male with a galaxy of hurt in his eyes?
Deal Available through April 08, 2021
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