Nanny in Lumberjack Lagoon

by Elsie James
A Nanny is a sweet, short, and steamy insta-love story with a strong, curvy heroine and a smoking hot hero. It is the first in the Lumberjack Lagoon series.Poppy As a teacher, I’m always looking for adventure during breaks in the school year. Two months spent lounging in Lumberjack Lagoon fits the bill, but with my funds running low I’ll need to find a summer job to make it happen. When a hot lumberjack hires me to nanny for his children, my lesson plans go out the window. He’s sexy, burly, and I want to swing his axe. But does he want me for more than just babysitting?Kaden Balancing my life as a lumberjack and a single dad is a full-time gig, and it’s hectic. But when summer comes and the kids are out of school, I have to hire help. When a sexy nanny applies for the position, I need
Deal Available through September 10, 2021
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