Mysteries of Lady Theo

by Rachel Ann Smith
Duty v’s LoveWhen Lady Theo inherits a volume guarded by her family for generations, she is determined to honor her papa’s deathbed request to seek out the esteemed Lord Archbroke.But when Archbroke suggests they enter into a feigned courtship, Theo is blindsided. She’s willing to put her life on the line, but to risk her heart was another matter.Upon first sight, the Earl of Archbroke, is bewitched by the mysterious Lady Theo. As he evaluates Theo’s ability to complete missions, he finds it is his heart that is in danger.When Theo becomes involved in one of his investigations, she learns that he is the one man she can never have.Will the duty that forced them together be what ultimately drives them apart?
Deal Available through November 07, 2020
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