My Three Brother's Best Friends

by Molly Eden
My brother’s three best friends realize I’m all grown up. Now, they can’t stay away.I just graduated after earning my MBA, and I’m ready to start my career. My brother gets me a job with his three best friends, who have made billions from their business deals. I have had crushes on all three of them for as long as I can remember.Now, I want to show them that I am not the girl that they remember. I’m much more than their best friend’s little sister.Wilder is possessive and fiercely protective, and it doesn’t take much persuasion to make me bend to his will. Levi is quiet and has a dark side that he keeps hidden, and my wildest desires are fulfilled when he opens up. Jace is a hot-as-sin perfectionist, and I want to please him more than anything.We try to resist our feelings, but I can’t choose between them. The four of us can make this work, right?It seems like a good idea until our situation becomes dire when our relationship is threatened by a scandalous encounter.
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