My Billionaire Fling

by Kindra Cress
Who needs a boyfriend anyway? Especially a lying cheating boyfriend.Paige, after catching her long-distance boyfriend cheating on her, left with a new goal: taking back control of her love life. What better way than to fall into the arms of a stranger?With the help of her best friend, Silvia, Paige gets ready for a night on the town.And The Velvet Lounge, a local upscale lounge, might hold the answers to Paige’s broken heart. At the very least, it contains a very attractive, smooth-talking Angelo. He’s the perfect guy to help her get over her ex, but she’s not looking for love. Unfortunately, lust has a way of becoming something more and fate’s not about to let Paige give it the middle finger. This sizzling hot short story will leave your heart pounding. Don’t start this book before
Deal Available through June 12, 2024
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