Misters of Passion: A Small Town Romance Boxset

by Piper Sullivan
Welcome to the Town of Tulip, where Love is everyone’s business♥ Spicy, never-before-seen extended epilogue featuring all major characters included!Cold Hearted LoveSexy Small Town Sheriff Tyson was everything I shouldn’t want in a man.But I did.It wasn’t my fault I found the bossy lawman thing hot.In my defence he kissed me first, I just…submitted.We were all wrong for each other, but the thought of not seeing him again...Impossible.Somewhere along the way my enemy became something more.To Catch A PlayerI’m capable, not cute.Practical, not precious.Yet I have it bad for a gorgeous Detective.I knew better. Really.A player like Jackson was bad news for a Small Town girl like me.Still, I couldn’t quite resist his smoldering, intimate glances.Worse… I’ve succumbed once already.And I have NO intention of repeating that mistake, thank you very much.If only I could just convince myself of that...That Hot NightI’ve known Janey my whole life, the bossy girl next door.Always with her face hidden behind a camera.Until one hot night, when I finally saw her. In a red dress.She hypnotized me. Mesmerized me.Opened my eyes to Janey, the woman.And now that I’ve had a taste of her, nothing will ever be the same.Not me.And certainly not us.
Deal Available through January 30, 2021
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