Mesmerized by Dragon Rescue Pilot (Dragon Heroes of Alaska)

by Lisa Daniels
The ecstasy of first love is only rivalled by the heartbreak of losing that love.My first love was the tortured son of a prominent dragon shifter family. A family that is ancient and tyrannical.Ethan Wendel was nothing like his family.His almost white hair made him look years older. But his physique was that of a mythical god. Inside, he was as kind and generous, A nearly perfect prince for any bullied child.Over the years, our friendship evolved into something more, And it didn’t take long before I realized I was in love.Then he disappeared.Decades passed, and I grew into someone unrecognizable. I became a nurse and joined the private search and rescue organization. Never did I expect him to come crashing back into my life. The new rescue pilot, and someone I could not avoid.What was worse – he didn’t recognize me at all.
Deal Available through March 07, 2024
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