Medieval Dragon Shifters

by C.S. Sax
It is a time of legend, a time of gallant knights, fearless ladies and mythical beings, a time when dragons rule the land. Primitive, possessive, deadly, these dragons have a secret—they’re also the human-appearing rulers of their kingdoms.Dragon-shifting warriors court their fated mates in three tales of adventure, magic and passion.The Spare (The Black Dragon) – Taja dreams every night of a great scarred dragon. She is stunned when, one morning, her dragon-shifting lord arrives at her father’s castle, intent on claiming her forever. Dragon Games (The Golden Dragon) – Sabine wants to wed a serious, constant lord. She is in love with a teasing, laughing dragon warrior. Dragon Fire (The Red Dragon) – Trinia must compete against an ancient prophecy to claim her dragon warrior’s heart.
Deal Available through April 30, 2021
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