Marriage of Convenience in Lumberjack Lagoon

by Elsie James
A Marriage of Convenience is a sweet, short, and steamy insta-love story with a strong, curvy heroine and a smoking hot hero. It is the second in the Lumberjack Lagoon series.Lily My family owns the largest logging operation in this part of the country, I’ve never had to want for anything. So I usually just spend my days baking but lately, it feels a little stale. When my dad falls terminally ill he gives me an ultimatum: get married or forego your inheritance. But I’m not worried. If I can get sexy lumberjack Adler to go along with my plan, the company is as good as mine. Adler is tall, protective, and makes me want to climb his tree. But can I fall in love with a man who is only with me out of obligation?
Deal Available through August 06, 2021
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