Making You Mine: A Small Town, Single Dad Romance

by Vesper Young
I should stay away, but this small town doesn't make it easy... When I fly back to Juniper Cove, the small town from my childhood, the last thing I expect is to see Drew Kent. Well, scratch that. The last thing I expect is to see Drew Kent--single father, my one-time crush--take an interest in me. Apparently, a lot can change in ten years. Where I once would've done anything for his attention (okay, and right now would do almost anything still) I never expected to have it. But I do. Everywhere I go, I run into him. And then he winds up running those hands over my body until I forget all the reasons I have to say no. I should leave. I should say no. But when Drew wants something, he's determined. And he wants to make me his.
Deal Available through July 21, 2021
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