Romantic Comedy

Making Up with Marci

by Amy Stephens
It all started with a pair of shoes…Marci Sullivan knows the last thing she needs is another pair of shoes. Unable to resist a sale, she’s more than just a little excited when she snags the very last pair in her size.But when her impulse purchase sends her barreling into the handsome gentleman in front of her as she’s entering the building for work the next morning, Marci wonders if buying the shoes was a good idea after all.Forrest Jamison happens to be in the right place at the right time.When the young woman walking behind him takes a nosedive after her shoe catches in the carpet, Forrest does more than just sweep her off her feet.From heartwarming encounters to entertaining mishaps, there’s no denying the chemistry that exists between them. Until Forrest’s co-worker says some
Deal Available through October 17, 2022
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