Maid for Love: A Contemporary BWWM Romance

by Yuwanda Black
A job was what she needed. Desire was what she found ...Life had dealt Ebony Crews a hand where the Joker always showed up.Raised in foster care. Pregnant at 18. A mother at 19. Beaten at 20. A single, struggling mother at 26.At that was just the tip of the iceberg.One job loss away from being homeless with a sick child, Ebony's finally dealt an ace -- a job at the Zeller mansion as a maid. It paid almost three times her normal salary. And the unexpected cherry on top was Nico Zeller. He was everything a woman could want in a man.Rich. Smart. Single. Handsome. And very interested in her."Why her?" Ebony wondered. He could have any woman he wanted, and was so far out of her league, it had to mean only one thing. ***"No!" Ebony said, turning away from the scorching heat of Nico's mouth. "This is wrong," she declared."What's so wrong about it?" Nico said, taking deep breaths as he strove for control. "On the contrary, I'd say everything about it is right.""Are you in the habit of seducing the help?" Ebony said.Nico slid one hand into the hair at the base of her neck. He snatched her head back, his lips searing the column of her throat. Ebony's brain shut down and her body opened up: to him, for him, betraying her. ***Fighting a desire that couldn't be denied, Ebony risked everything when she gave herself to Nico Zeller. Only, she didn't realize just how much.She found herself in the cross-hairs of the billionaire's family drama that could lose her much more than a job. Ending the affair could cost her in ways she never imagined, until she's offered a way out.It was an easy choice to make.But she knew she'd regret it the rest of her life.
Deal Available through July 08, 2021
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