Mafia's Bodyguard (Complete Boxset)

by Tera Jones
Gracie : I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. I thought after I graduated from college that I would have it all figured out. But nope. I’m broke, living at home with my divorced mom. I recently got a job tutoring a little rich girl. It’s a pretty sweet gig. And today, I met Vince, her bodyguard. There’s only one word to describe him: HOT. As a result, I slept with him and it was so good. Just after I have slept with him, I saw the text that made me so angry. What was I doing after all? Will I ever forgive him after this?Vince : When I fell from glory, I fell hard. I mean, how else could I explain going from being a pro football player to being a spoiled little girl’s bodyguard? Well, I needed the job. I met Gracie, the little girl’s tutor today. She has curves in all the right place
Deal Available through January 31, 2021
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