Loving Myself

by Starr Nymph
Starr has been feeling lonely, lost and hopeless for quite some time. She feels as though she cannot go on in life, so she devises a plan to end her life while on a vacation to the beautiful, tropical island of Tyrio. In a turn of events and a twist of fate, a handsome lifeguard named Imei rescues her and they fall in love. To further complicate her newly found happiness, she also develops an attraction to a seductive, young woman named Amoura. Can she find balance between love and passion with her two new island lovers, while also embarking on a journey of self-discovery? Or is it all too good to be true? TRIGGER WARNING: Elements of self-harm, suicide, addiction, and self-destructive behaviors are addressed. This is a mental health story with a focus on learning to love one's self.
Deal Available through December 04, 2020
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