Romantic Comedy

Love Me, Love Me Not

by Keighley Bradford
What do you do when your father is trying to steal your inheritance? Enter into a marriage of convenience, of course!You’re probably wondering how a free-spirited girl like myself ended up in this situation. Well, it’s simple. I needed money, so I decided to claim what is rightfully mine. There’s just a catch…First things first — I have to find a husband. After that? Produce an heir.Thankfully, my long-time ‘friend’, Derek, is more than happy to play the role and help me out.That leaves just one final task — convince everyone we’re in love. Would they believe years of friendship and intimacy transformed into something more? Surprisingly, they do… Hell, even I believe it. That right there becomes the problem, because falling in love with my baby daddy isn’t an option.
Deal Available through July 07, 2024
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