Clean & Wholesome

Love at the Christmas Tree Farm

by Monique Brasher
An orphaned tree farmer, a photographer with a young daughter, and their chance to heal the past.When Aiden's tree farm is suddenly in danger, he does the one thing he said he wouldn't: get married. Thanks to an unexpectedly enormous expense and the stipulation to his dad's will that prevents him from getting the money he needs, Aiden Wheeler must face his past to embrace his future.Chloe Brooks just wants to prove she can continue to stand on her own two feet, and provide for her daughter Phoebe. She's got a studio, a cute chalet, and she's finally doing just that. But when a broken pipe floods that studio, she sees everything she's worked for floating away.A chance run-in on a field trip wasn't what either of them expected, but before they process their emotions about seeing one an
Deal Available through February 24, 2022
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