Lies & Whiskey Duet

by Leaona Luxx
Lies in Ink & WhiskeyI’m over men. I’m swearing them off. It’s taken me years to get away from the last one. He left me bruised and battered — in more ways than one. My dislike is as deep as my distrust. As I start my own business, I consider myself fortunate. The thing is, I’ve never been the lucky girl. What was supposed to be a one-time job, turns into nothing but trouble. And that’s something I know a lot about. Lachlan Daly makes me feel everything I swore I never would. One glance into those whiskey-colored eyes and I’m lost. His on again, off again desire for me has my head spinning and my pulse pounding. The minute I think I have it figured out, I find myself making decisions that we both will regret. Ink and whiskey have a way of making the truth come out.Whiskey Rebellion
Deal Available through April 19, 2021
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