Lie For Me (Part 1) : A Sexy Fake Engagement Billionaire Romance

by Teresa Wolf
I'm a passionate woman. That's all there is to it. My wildlife sanctuary is my heart, and no one plays with my heart—especially not a billionaire Casanova, real-estate-shark who charms pretty girls for fun. Yea, I called a spade a spade. That's Mark Yannick for you. And hell no, I'm not selling him my grandfather's treasured property. Yea, the bank is snapping at my heels for the money I owe them. Yea, they're about to foreclose. But so what? I'll find a way out that doesn't include taking up a ridiculous offer from a land-hunting celeb playboy. No way I'm getting pulled in by his chiseled abs, broad shoulders, and sturdy yet diabolically gentle arms. Not over my dead bo— Well. Perhaps I could consider his offer. Maybe he really is more than what people make him out to be.
Deal Available through March 25, 2021
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