Lesson Plans: An Education in Romance

by Lainey Davis
She's totally off limits…and she's also kind of mean. He wants her anyway.​​​​​​​Doug Rogers has it all planned out. He just needs to teach summer school and one tiny class at the nearby university and his master's in education will be paid for. But he wasn't planning on Amy Peterson.The almost-nurse in his comp class seems mad at the world, and particularly mad at Doug. She's one class away from her nursing degree after five long years of hard work, and she doesn't have the time or the patience for her optimistic instructor, no matter how attractive he is behind those glasses.When a work accident brings Doug to the emergency room, he sees Amy in action and knows he's a goner for this fierce, competent woman. Except…she's still his student for another week.
Deal Available through August 11, 2022
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