Rock Star

Knocked Up by the Rock Star

by Penelope Wylde
His music feeds her soul, but his hands and lips claim everything else.Having my best friend's little sister move in with me is a bad idea. My dark secret? I crave to know the taste of her lips on mine, the feel of her silky skin under my touch. Put her under the same roof and what comes next is only inevitable. I'll claim her in every way a man can take a woman.She whispers her tight little virgin body is hungry. And now that she lives under my roof, her breathy moans and sweet sighs are proving hard to resist.But my temptress is hiding a secret. One that might keep us apart forever. I need her to trust me, but how do I show her I'm more than my stage persona and that I'm ready for what comes after the moment she steals this rock star's heart?
Deal Available through June 27, 2021
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