Kissing My Best Friend: A Friends to Lovers Fake Romance (Small Town Protectors Book 6)

by Piper Sullivan
Jase I’m not averse to a long-term relationship, I just haven’t found the right girl. Yet.
 But the busy matchmakers in my small town have other ideas.
 The kind that start and end with a wedding dress and a baby carriage.
 So I tricked my best friend into pretending to be my girlfriend. Just for the summer, of course. Only I started to notice that my fake lover’s legs were smokin’ hot, that her lips were beyond kissable. And I wanted to kiss her. Badly.
 As summer nights grew hotter things got more confusing, real or fake, I didn’t know anymore.
It took almost losing her to realize that our fake relationship wasn’t fooling anyone, but us.
 Bo Everyone leaves. That’s the hard and fast rule I’ve built my life around. Then my best friend and a stupid fake relationship changed everything.
 Jase. My confidante. My family.
 My fake firefighter boyfriend for the summer. Emphasis on fake.
 Until one little kissing booth ruined everything. Made me see Jase as a man. A gorgeous, funny, kind, and did I mention gorgeous, man?
 But it can’t work because I know how this will end. In a hot mess.

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