Kill your ex goodbye

by Romain C.G Esteban
Have you ever dreamed of killing your ex?He was young, shy and French, and came to America to study English – but with Oliver, beautiful Oliver, he learned so much more. He found the world of true love and passion, with emotions so raw they hurt. He found out what it felt like to be truly happy.And then he found out what it felt like to be hurt. But he moved past it, for after all the pain and heartache, it was paradise again, and they travelled through it together, dreaming big and living big. It was the most perfect dream that came true...until it all turned into a nightmare.How do you heal from a broken heart? How do you become free to love and live again? He didn’t know. He tried, and he kept trying for years, to no avail. He was running out of options – and out of a will to live, he discovered the only way to ever be free again. To ever be happy again.He had to kill Oliver.Or did he?From San Francisco to Paris, through cities and states across America and through Europe, this quirky, darkly humorous tale takes you on a journey of raw emotion, first love, sexual desire, suspense, betrayal and revenge.Start the journey...if you dare.
Deal Available through February 14, 2021
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