Just One Kiss

by Jami Rogers
*Previously published as Just One Kiss by Jami Wagner*Wyoming author Jami Rogers brings you a romantic story of what happens when you give your disastrous first kiss a second chance...He kissed me. I slapped him. That's the last time I thought about Ethan. Now he’s back, and screw him—he isn't allowed to break my heart and then show up years later looking like July in a fireman’s calendar and ruining my chances at running the Black Alcove bar. Nope. I have plans and they don’t include him.I tried to forget her. I failed. The moment I saw Kelsey again I knew I was doomed. I have one task while I’m here, and having her one breath away makes me forget how to be the responsible man I’ve worked so hard to become.
Deal Available through October 05, 2020
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