Just My Fake Marriage: A Billionaire Romance (Sterling Place Series Book 5)

by L.A. Pepper
My friends warned me to stay away from my new billionaire boss, Malcolm Stewart. He’s definitely hot AF, but an arrogant entitled alpha is not my type. It was hate at first sight.He had some kind of power over me that I couldn’t explain, so I confronted him first and let him know that I could not be bought and was not at all interested.Rejecting him seemed to make him even more intrigued with me, ugh.He figured out that I loved to travel, take adventures, and cherished my job. So he offered me a luxurious vacation AND ownership to the cafe where I worked... But there was one catch... I would have to play his fake wife for a week, to help him with an inheritance.I reluctantly accepted the challenge and upped the ante even more. I counter-bet him that he would fall in love with me, and I would break his heart. I knew there was no risk of losing because I didn’t have a heart to break.We sealed the deal with the hottest night of my life… suddenly I knew I was in trouble. Can two people who don’t believe in love play the game so hard that they lose their hearts to each other?Malcolm & Mina’s relationship is one emotional roller coaster filled with misunderstandings, power struggles, wrapped up in one epic love story! This will keep you turning the pages all night long! Can be read as a standalone, with no cheating and of course one heck of a HEA
Deal Available through May 20, 2021
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