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JANE:: A Little Rose Bud

by Fatima Myerson
Jane is beautiful: Inside and out. Anyone lucky enough to become close to her knows this. She has many talents. She is an accomplished photographer and make-up artist; remembers all the important games of the top football and baseball stars. She can name names and relay games played like the best of sports commentators. But of course, she was the only girl growing up in a house of four brothers. So why is she so timid around men? Why does she think she will never find a decent man? Jane is a bit overweight, or, as she puts it, she's fat. But not ALL men want skinny women. As they say: "To each, his own." Jane discovered how true this saying is when the handsome, sought-after and very popular sports writer, volunteer and Ferrari car commercial actor told her one night that he "adored" her. For the first time in his life, he met a woman who filled a void that perpetrated his wandering from young, beautiful, skinny blonde, one-night-standers every week-end. This solid, voluptuous woman provided all he needed in a woman. The fact that she was part Italian, as he was, with similar traditions, made life with her all the more comfortable. Frank, turning thirty, could not believe how lucky he was to find his beauty, Jane. She is smart, witty a great cook, a die-hard sports fan; and she loved him back. How lucky Frank felt to find his dream woman.Jane loves to watch Frank's nude body as he walks to the shower after hours of making love to her. The movement of his firm muscles always cause tinkling in her parts. That she landed this man whom beautiful models would have died for was still a puzzle to her. But she knew he loved her and she would always love the man who made her realize that she is "worth it!"
Deal Available through January 01, 2021
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