Jack ~ Deep Red Deception Series (Book1)

by Alexa Stone
Unable to accept defeat, I gambled everything. Now I might lose my whole empire and drag my family name through the mud.My name is Jack Todd. Yes, that one. The Harvard-educated stock trader who handles a million dollars on a slow day and has to fend off the hottest NYC socialites. The one who went from being a foster kid to learning everything from his adoptive, business mogul dad.Life was amazing. That is until the stock market crashed and my firm lost billions of dollars.But if you think that I’m one of those sissies who’ll just take it lying down, you’re wrong. I won’t accept defeat or disgrace my family name.I’ll make the billions back before my shareholders find out, even if that means falsifying a few statements and seducing a few hot women to get insider information.But when my plan goes up in flames, I’m left in an even deeper hole.Will I end up in an early grave at the speed I’m going, or will I be able to turn things around at the last moment?Deep Red Deception is a spicy contemporary romance featuring an alpha billionaire who’s not afraid of going all in. Full of adrenaline and passion, this is one seriously intoxicating read!Warning: This book ends on a delicious cliffhanger!
Deal Available through March 30, 2021
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