Clean & Wholesome

Island Promises

by Evangeline Kelly
The five of us took a trip to Malkani Island. I’d had a crush on my best guy friend and was hoping he’d move our friendship into something more. But then he fell for one of my friends and they ditched the rest of us.Another friend visited with relatives who lived on the island so she was barely around.And that left me and Vance…the last guy on earth I wanted to spend time with. You see, the two of us didn’t get along because of something that happened in the past. He made it clear I wasn’t in his league. And I was getting sick of his constant teasing and jabs.When I was alone in my hotel room, nursing a broken heart, he showed up at my door and told me he wanted to take me on an adventure. Maybe it was the start of a new friendship. But could I trust him with my heart?
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