Intern vs Boss

by Ophelia Jewels
Demoted from billionaire boss to intern, he should be licking his wounds, not trying to lick me.  Cornelius Astor - the charming, arrogant heir to the company, and my best friend's brother. Now we're intern rivals, both competing for my dream job.Despite knowing that he's the favored candidate, I refuse to back down. The job is mine, and I'll fight fire with fire. If he wants to start a prank war, I'll win. If he wants to flirt, I'll flirt back. If he wants to kiss me because I yell at him...I can't escape him. He's now my new roommate and claiming my bed as his own, leaning on me to adjust to living with a normal wage and making me laugh. Even proclaiming that magic four-letter word and getting a special piercing to contain his desires when I reject him. 
Deal Available through April 02, 2023
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