In His Corner: A fighter romance (Fighter Series)

by Skara Gray
Over one million readers on Wattpad! A fighter romance sensation. Rhett Jaggar is Boston's hottest underground fighter. He has the body and the winning streak to prove it. He trains like a mad man, with more discipline than a monk. But even he can't keep his attention in the ring when a brunette distraction shows up in his boxing gym. Ava Young had it all. The fancy house on a hill, a successful businessman father, an adorably decorated dorm room, and a group of fun-loving college friends. That is, until her father's company is exposed for embezzling. She has no place to turn but her childhood best friend's couch and a new, strange life filled with underground fighters. Including the intimidatingly sexy, Rhett Jaggar. These two opposites may come to find that they have more in common than they realize...but will it be a harmless attraction or a dangerous addiction? First book in a fighter romance series. 50,000 to 70,000 words.
Deal Available through January 19, 2022
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