Imperfect Secrecy

by Lena Venti
He disappeared out of her life for no reason. Will she finally get answers? Which truth will come out first?Cristina Ramos is a tech-savvy woman who takes her work in the Valley very seriously. Oliver McKenzy is a sales engineer who put his past behind him. They were colleagues, then close friends for a while, until the night that changed everything. Oliver went radio silent and left Cristina with a thousand questions. Why did he disappear? What did he have to hide? Maybe she’s the one with a secret. One thing is sure, they never got the chance to talk about what happened, and now, the two finally come face to face in London, at the largest tech conference of all time.Imperfect Secrecy is a romance novella in the tech scene where everyone either has something to hide or something to keep silent.
Deal Available through July 01, 2021
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