Hot Summer Night

by Lauren Milson
Have you ever been to an “End of the World” party? I have. All I wanted was a little bit of fun…My college is shutting down because the president was doing some shady a.f. stuff with the school’s money. My classmates think this is the perfect time to throw a crazy party. This is our last night here at the dorms, so why not?But I don’t want to go wild. Not without the two men who promised my dad they’d take care of me.Xavier — the flirt, the devil with the impish smile, the golden tongue.And Noah. A beautiful, rough angel of a man who’s eyes make me melt on the spot.I always thought they saw me as nothing more than their friend’s daughter.But when things get a little too wild and crazy on campus?That’s when my men say they’re going to claim what’s been theirs all along…
Deal Available through September 10, 2020
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