Hot for My Boss

by Holly Stone
I always get what I want. And, what I want right now is my assistant, Ashlyn.Her sweet Midwestern charm won me over in her interview, and she’s held my attention ever since. The longer we try to dance around our feelings for each other, the harder it gets to ignore them.She’s gorgeous. Yet, there are so many reasons why we shouldn’t be together.I’m her boss. Also, I’ve just hired supermodel, Cara Waverly, to be the face of my fitness empire. Cara’s business partnership could propel my business to the next level, and she wants me all to herself. But, I only have eyes for Ashlyn.Cara has made it clear she wants Ashlyn out of the picture. Now I have to choose between Ashlyn and growing my billion-dollar empire.To make things more complicated, Ashlyn’s gone cold, even though I know there’s something magic between us. What’s she hiding from me? Should I even try to win her back?
Deal Available through June 03, 2021
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