Bad Boy

Hostile Heir

by Autumn Archer
Once upon a time he set me free. This time it won't be that simple.I can't stop wondering why the cartel heir with mafia blood running cold in his veins saved me all those weeks ago. The virginal misfit who was kidnapped and gifted to a villainous kingpin.But he did.And I was wrong to think he was my hero.I never expected to meet Tomás Souza again. Or that I'd be covered in his father's blood. However, fate has brought me face to face with a vengeful monster who's blinded by wrath.Now, I'm his captive while he claims a merciless throne—and my innocence.Except he underestimates me. They all do.No matter the bond we share, our forced agreement must end, especially when the newly crowned king has a heart-shattering secret.
Deal Available through November 04, 2022
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