Home to McCarron's Corner: Lily's Story

by Sharon K. Middleton
"...weaves vivid descriptions of the Revolutionary War era.” –IndieReader Lily Van Der Houghton, a newly licensed physician, is lost and unsettled on which way her life is leading her when she goes hiking to the Jacks River Falls. Lily stumbles through a hole in time and finds herself in 1763. She is not on the trail to the falls anymore but is in Indian Territory in the aftermath of the French and Indian War. To her surprise, Lily learns she has a key role in an ancient Cherokee prophecy. The tribal elders prayed for the right woman to come from Beyond to be Red Moon Woman and the right woman for Marcus McCarron. Lily Van Der Houghton, fresh from the new millennium, is the right woman for the job.
Deal Available through October 06, 2020
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