Highlander and the Bluestocking

by Jennifer Seasons
Having given up on suitable marriage prospects, bluestocking Miss Camille Allington dedicates her life to science and inquiry, never expecting it to lead to love. Yet, when she arrives at Loch Ness, Scotland to uncover its long-held secrets and her plans go terribly awry, she's rescued by the one man she has vowed to detest for all eternity for breaking her heart. Only her anger soon melts under the Scottish rain and Camille discovers that Nessie is not the only mystery on the loch. Now she's determined to uncover the truth of rugged highlander Niall Macpherson. Which should be easy, if only he weren't so stubborn and she still so very much in love with him. There's no science equation for that.
Deal Available through December 09, 2022
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