Her Three Best Friends

by Molly Eden
My three best friends always get what they want. And now, they want me… I was unceremoniously dumped and humiliated.My heartache doesn’t go unnoticed, though. The three hottest men I’ve ever met have protected me my entire life. And they happen to be my best friends.My three heroes devise a plan to get back at my ex—a man who never truly deserved me.Jacob is quiet and brilliant, but a bad boy lurks underneath his polished exterior. Noah is every woman’s dream. The thought of disappointing him brings me to my knees. Austin is damaged and uncontrollable, but we share a dark past. He will always have my back.After years of pent-up tension, I finally end up in bed with all three of them. It seems like the perfect fairy tale… until it’s not.Outside forces are determined to tear us apart. This relationship is taking a delicious and dangerous turn.
Deal Available through April 22, 2023
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