Mystery & Suspense

Her Brother-In-Law: A Romantic Suspense Novel

by Amy S Porter
She wanted security and comfort. He gave her doubt and fear. She wanted hearts and roses. He gave her bruises and a miscarriage. She wanted communication and trust. He gave her conspiracy and attempted murder. After the sudden loss of her parents, Cass Sampson packs up and flees the life she knows. She ends up in the small town of Silver Lake, New York. After making friends and settling into a lower key life, Cass thinks she had found the man of her dreams. He seems perfect-- handsome, successful, well respected in the small town where she landed. It really appears her life has turned around. Cass is excited about her future.But before her wedding dress is even sealed in its protective plastic, Cass discovers she married a monster. Brent is not the man she thought he was. He is controlling and domineering with little respect for her. He abuses Cass mentally and physically while flaunting his affairs in her face. And his horrid treatment of her is only the tip of his evil iceberg.It soon comes to light that Brent has staged the death of his brother, Ethan. The entire town believes Ethan was the victim of a terrible accident. Cass soon realizes the funeral lunch she waitressed was a ruse. Ethan is alive and imprisoned in the basement of the very house she moved into. Through a small hole in a pantry wall and a dog door, Ethan and Cass form a friendship that develops into more. They bond in their shared misery and plot their getaway. Cass must help one man escape before the other man stops them both from ever escaping.
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