Her Best Shot

by Shannyn Schroeder
Layla Sharpe’s life is going the way she’s always planned. She’s just been offered her dream job as a cryptographer and she plans to spend spring break celebrating with her best friends. But then her car breaks down in Georgia and her wallet is stolen. When things look like they can’t get worse, she meets Phin Marks, who offers her a place to stay and pool-playing lessons.Layla is drawn to Phin’s free-wheeling lifestyle, no strings, no roots. Work a simple job during the day and hustle pool at night. Phin, however, has spent years working toward the life Layla has. He’s desperate to settle down, grow some roots, and walk away from his nomadic life.Can he convince Layla to gamble on forever with him?
Deal Available through September 03, 2020
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