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God's Plan: A Crystal Lake Series Romance (A Chrystal Lake Series Romance Book 1)

by Everlee Whitman
Sometimes God’s plan is silent and just woven through every action. Sometimes it is loud, demands attention, and redirects us from the course we are on.Surrey Green garnered quite a reputation in the culinary world in New York City all the while raising her young daughter Raye. Her husband’s passing nearly six years ago caused a rift in her faith and a lack of focus on her and Raye’s future. When she lost her position as Chef at a fancy restaurant because of a downturn in the economy, she decided to come home to Crystal Lake to give Raye a different pace for life.Tom Hanover is on vacation from his high-stress job as an attorney in Chicago staying at the Crystal Lake Cabins Resort for a few weeks to decompress. He recently lost a social security client in a hit and run and struggled to come back and focus on his career after that. Tom also has a strained relationship with his parents ever since the untimely death of his brother in Afghanistan.How might a relationship between Surrey and Tom develop as they work through their own life challenges? Will Crystal Lake and the support of friends and family force reconciliation of the past and the development of a positive, loving future?The Crystal Lake Romance Series is based upon Jeremiah 29:11 The first book, “God’s Plan”, prefaces the other books in this four-book series. Download this clean romance book that will make you feel good about yourself and the world around you.
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