Game Day: A Sports Romance (Ballers & Curves Book 2)

by Summer Rose
A Dream So Close. Love Lost. Redemption.Sometimes, we want what we shouldn’t have. An exciting, yet treacherous desire…A breakthrough athlete. Series of entanglements. Redemption.In the following days, Joshua’s future will be decided. His player status. His relationship status. And he will sort out his emotions.Joshua, has already been endorsed by the fans, the talented pitcher’s future might be at Louisville Mammoth after all. The coach’s daughter, appears to be more than a fan, they have recently become friends. But she is lovestruck. Though their relationship is rocky, she’s still engaged to Mark, who is becoming increasingly suspicious of her.On the other hand, the bartender is ready to take an audacious step. His ex-girlfriend, Renee, is also hoping they can rekindle their relationship, despite her affair with his best friend. She meets Gabriella, but they’re both unsure of each other’s value to Joshua.However, the draft-pick announcement is yet to be made, he needs to tread lightly and stay focused on the games. He continues to make alternative plans, while he deals with his emotional dilemma.Should he take the leap of faith with the coach’s daughter? How will his decision impact the quality of his life on the team? Who will he choose?
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