Fudge & the Firefighter

by Sadie King
Serena My neighbor, the firefighter, the man so hot my panties melt every time I pass him on the stairs. When I accidentally burn my Christmas fudge and set off the smoke alarm, I don’t expect him to break down my door on a one-man rescue mission.
 But once I’m in his arms, there’s no turning back.Davis I've watched the curvy goddess across the hall for the past few months. The delicious baking smells coming from her apartment make my mouth water almost as much as her curves.
When she’s in danger, I leap at the chance to be her hero. 
But once I’ve got her in my arms, I’m the one who needs rescuing. She’s got me heart, body, and soul. 
This is one tasty Christmas treat I want to enjoy all year round.
Deal Available through November 27, 2022
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